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January 15, 2020

Dear WCTC Supporter,

Happy New Year - as hard as it is to believe, we’re already halfway through our school year, but we have some exciting information to share! Still keeping some of those delicious holiday foods in mind, we would like to invite you to contribute to our newest, creative initiative: our WCTC Cookbook. This inaugural cookbook will be published (in house) by the end of the 2019 - 2020 school year, with the proceeds going towards the operations of our WCTC FoodBus, which is another unique, interdisciplinary CTE project that is currently under construction. All cookbooks will be laminated and professionally bound, so as to endure MANY YEARS of use, and will be sold for only $20 each.

Surely, our end goal is to create a memorable, frequently-used reference book for culinary artists from all walks of life and age groups, and we are currently soliciting our tech center constituents for their VERY BEST recipes! The cost of submission is only $10 per recipe. If you are interested in submitting one or more of your favorite recipes, please continue on and complete the online submission form. For your convenience, we have connected the form below to PayPal, which will ensure timely processing and publication of your recipe(s).

Because of the “Homestyle” nature of this project, we will also be interested in featuring brief comments about the history/family lore and/or “specialness” of your submitted recipes, and will also have a limited comment field for adding such narratives. It is our hope that such a rare cookbook will find its way into the hands of numerous culinarians, inside and outside of Waldo County, and that it will provide a glimpse into the important nature of what we do, as well as capture the collaborative, good willed nature of Waldo County Technical Center! Thank you for your time, consideration AND support!



Kevin A. Michaud (KAM) - Director


Recipe Submission - Deadline is February 25, 2020

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