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Anticipated Start Date, Friday, August 26, 2022

Waldo  County  Technical  Center  is  seeking  a  half-time  CTE  Exploratory  Teacher  for  the  2022-2023  school  year. Hours for this position will be Monday-Friday, 7:45-11:15 a.m.
The CTE Exploratory Program

Career  and  Technical  Education  (CTE)  Exploratory  is  an  exciting  new  program  at  WCTC  for  9th  grade  students. Students  in  this one-semester program will experience elements from a variety of Waldo Tech’s full-time programs. Through  project-based  learning,  students  will  explore  introductory  lessons  in  engineering  design,  electronics,  3-D modeling,  small  engines,  wood  working,  and  outdoor  skills.   CTE  Exploratory will help students discover potential career (s) that might be of interest to them.

The successful candidate will provide a safe, supportive, and welcoming learning environment for a diverse group of students new to CTE.   The preferred candidate will have experience with the CTE fields mentioned above; however, there may be some flexibility related to the candidate’s experience.  Primary responsibilities include:

●     Develop and implement program curriculum based on appropriate, relevant standards and goals, including unit, instructional, and assessment plans  for all learning activities/lessons.
●     Provide a variety of learning materials and resources for use in education activities.
●     Differentiate  program  content,  processes,  assessments,  and  products  to  meet  the  needs  of  individual learners.
●     Instruct and monitor students in the use of learning materials and related tools/equipment.
●     Educate   students   to   maintain   and   follow   all  compliance  standards  for  safety  and  health  (OSHA) requirements.
●     Use technology proficiently to enhance student learning, support instruction.
●     Maintain   classroom,   lab,   and   shop   equipment   in   accordance   with  appropriate  procedures,  OSHA compliance and other applicable professional industry standards.
●     Collaborate and communicate effectively with students, parents, colleagues, and greater community
●     Coordinate  orientation  and  learning  opportunities for CTE Exploratory students with other WCTC program instructors.

●     Relevant work experience, education, and training
●     Holds or eligible for appropriate Maine DOE CTE Teacher Certification
●     Criminal History Records Check (CHRC)
●     Demonstrate dependability, integrity, confidentiality, and other ethical standards

Application  form  may  be  obtained  on  the Waldo County Technical Center website, waldotech.org, or by calling the WCTC  office  at  342-5231.     Please  email  completed  application,  cover  letter,  resume,  3  current  references, certification (or eligibility), and CHRC to  or mail to:

                                 Rick Amero, Director
                                 Waldo County Technical Center 1022 Waterville Road
                                 Waldo, Maine 04915

If  you  have  any  questions  about  this  position,  please  contact  Rick  Amero  at  207-342-5231  ext.  204  or  email  at
Applications Close When Suitable Candidate is Found

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