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Building Construction

Building Construction is intended to be a two-year program, where students will be able to learn in a safe, controlled environment.  During the first year, students will become proficient with reading a tape measure, basic construction math, blueprint reading, basic drafting, how to calculate a material and cut list, and be taught the safe and proper operation of all basic hand and power tools, including tool maintenance.  Students will learn the types of natural and fabricated construction materials used in the trade, and get an introduction to applied wood finishes.  Skills will be developed and honed during the fabrication process of small projects students will complete and take home.     

In the second year, students will be introduced to the basics of commercial and residential construction, from how to work the concrete, to building layout, interior and exterior framing, and floor, wall and roof systems.  They will use their skills learned in the first year to measure, cut, and install various parts of those framing systems in the creation of small outbuildings and other outdoor projects.    

4 Credits  AM & PM (PM generally for 2nd year students or Seniors)