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This program is intended for those students who wish to participate in a technical center program, but are unable to schedule a required math class at their home school. 

Students taking an academic math course must be self-directed learners and have prior permission from their high school counselor.  Classes are held for 30-45 minutes, 2-3 times a week, and in a small group setting (1-6 students).  Effort, participation and attendance are imperative to the success of each student.

Please contact Lacey Breems, Mathematics Instructor at WCTC, with any questions. 342-5231, ext 222

advanced mathStudents taking Advanced Math begin with an Algebra review to deepen their understanding of linear and exponential functions, factoring polynomial expressions, solving systems of equations and graphing.  Additional topics include trigonometry, statistics and probability.

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algebraAlgebra is math with variables – numbers whose actual values are not yet known.  The ability to calculate with the unknown makes algebra essential for science, business and everyday problem solving in a variety of fields.

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geometryThe term geometry is derived from two Greek words that mean “to measure the Earth.” The great irony is that the most basic building block in geometry, the point, has no measurement at all. Students must accept that a point exists in order to have lines and planes, because lines and planes are made up of an infinite number of points.

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practical mathPractical Math is for students who have high levels of math anxiety and find performing simple, routine computations an insurmountable challenge. We work carefully to find a solid skill base and correct misunderstandings. 

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