Preparing Students for Career, College, & Community

Culinary Arts is a course of study that introduces the student to the variety of tools and equipment used in the commercial kitchen, as well as the abundance of fruits and vegetables, meats and other food products available in today’s marketplace.  We discover different flavors from around the globe by studying the culture from whence it came and why they use the ingredients and cooking methods they do.  Measurements, menu costing and basic culinary math are essential and will be visited  throughout the program.  Sanitation, trade terminology, purchasing, receiving, and storing are all covered.  Customer service is a focus of this course since public functions, staffed by culinary students, are a common occurrence at WCTC

Food is time sensitive so there is emphasis on urgency, as it relates to getting things done is a set period of time, much like a real restaurant.  Culinary Arts prepares the student for post-secondary education, or to enter the workforce with confidence and skill.

4 Credits      AM or PM (PM class generally for 2nd year students)

Course Syllabus: Culinary Syllabus