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Electrical Technology is a two-year, nationally accredited program from the National Center for Construction Education and Research designed for juniors and seniors.  It consists of classroom instruction of theory and hands-on skill building exercises in the shop area.  Students can obtain their Maine Electricians Helper license while allowing the student to work on projects throughout the school and obtain local employment under a Master Electrician.  Students can compete at local, state and national competitions against other high school students learning the trade.  Students can earn the 10 hour OSHA card in Construction, and become certified in CPR and basic first aid.  Community college credits may be available for successfully completing this two year program.

This trade is physically challenging; standing, climbing, crawling and lifting/carrying heavy loads and working inside and outside are requirements of this course.  It is also mentally challenging; reading/interpreting, code knowledge, good math skills, ability to visualize, and the ability to make proper quick decisions will be stressed.  Someone who can perform precise work, has good hand-eye coordination, and needs little supervision is a good candidate for this trade.  As long as there is a need for electricity, there will be a need for an electrician. 

4 Credits (AM Only)


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