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Students in Auto Collision will focus on Paint and Refinish.  Students will learn the proper steps in the refinishing process through the use of the I CAR curriculum and NATEF standards.  Students will earn their 10 hour OSHA card, SP2 hazardous waste card and 2 hour Maine Oxy safety certificate.

Students in the Auto Collision program will also be introduced to composites.  This is a growing industry with a need for entry level trained employees. Students will be shown how to work with different composite materials such as vinyl ester resins, epoxy resins, tooling gels and mold release agents. Students will be shown how to perform the vacuum bagging process for curing as well as the resin infusion process.  These are products and processes used today in the composite industry.

The Auto Collision Repair/Composites program works closely with local businesses including Front Street Shipyard and Hamilton Marine.  Students in this program also have the opportunities to earn free college credit through Southern Maine Community College.  Students will leave this program prepared to enter the Auto Collision or Composite industry and to continue training at the college level, if they so choose.

4 Credits     AM or PM  (PM generally for 2nd year students or Seniors)

Course Syllabus: Auto Body Collisions Syllabus   



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