Preparing Students for Career, College, & Community

As a member of Maine’s network of CTE schools, our school is aligned with a set of robust national educational standards for each one of our programs. Our commitment to these national standards means that our students are fully prepared to excel at the career of their choice as soon as they graduate.

What are national educational standards?

National standards are a set of guidelines for each CTE program at each school. In culinary arts, for example, our program is focused on helping students meet or exceed a set of standards defined by a national culinary arts organization. Aligning our programs against these industry standards means that our students are gaining modern, career-oriented knowledge that will fully prepare them for their chosen careers.

Why are national standards important?

  • Prepared students
    Students feel confident knowing they are learning modern skills that will carry over into their jobs.
  • Interested employers
    Employers know that CTE students are fully prepared to excel at their jobs as soon as they graduate.
  • Measurable results
    Each CTE school can measure its success against a common set of guidelines.

State of Maine Resources for Standards and Assessments

The State of Maine maintains a directory of technical standards and assessments categorized by content areas.  These resources are undergoing active development so check back periodically for updates.