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advanced mathStudents taking Advanced Math begin with an Algebra review to deepen their understanding of linear and exponential functions, factoring polynomial expressions, solving systems of equations and graphing.  Additional topics include trigonometry, statistics and probability.

In this course, mathematical concepts will be taught with an emphasis on real-world applications.  Students will learn to graph situations they encounter in life so that they can understand patterns and trends, and then predict future outcomes.

Teaching methods used in this course include direct instruction and coaching in small groups, online skills development (in class and outside of class), and hands-on learning.  Assessment methods include workbook exercises, traditional quizzes and testing, and proficiency rubrics linked to online skills measurements.

Resources used in this course include workbooks published by Learning Express, an online skills development platform called IXL, graphing calculators and mathematical manipulatives (e.g., Algebra Tiles).


Prerequisites include:

  • Successful completion of Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry
  • Approval from school guidance counselor
  • Access to the internet for skills development outside the classroom


This course meets Mon, Wed, and Fri.


This course is held at WCTC in room Math Classroom.

Other Information

Course ID: MAT-Adv


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