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Computer Tech

The computer industry is changing and available jobs are changing as well. New IT industry skills are becoming the standard for technology jobs.   Opportunities will be provided for students to receive appropriate industry certifications.  Students will learn to program games for the PC and Mac as well as mobile application programming using the GAME:IT system. They learn the math and physics concepts used in game development, how the engineering cycle is used to design games, the components of a good game, color theory used in game design, and how to create sprites and animation.

Computer and networking hardware introduction and troubleshooting will introduce the students to current hardware and troubleshooting and maintenance. Students will be introduced to multiple operating systems (Microsoft, Linux, and Apple) and learn basic tasks and maintenance in each. Students will continue using the skills learned in the game programming portion of the class to create web pages using the HTML language. Students will be able to program their own web pages and learn a valuable skill that can be directly translated into a web designer career.  There will also be hardware programming skills learned while utilizing the LEGO Mindstorm Programming Language and Robot Building. Being able to control a physical device with intelligent programming is a great thrill and brings a whole host of achievements to the student.

Students will learn the skills to prepare for multiple certifications including:  PCPro, CompTIA, Strata, CompTIA A+, Network Pro (second year), CompTIA Network+ (second year).  The curriculum will largely follow the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Coalition Standards. 

4 Credits    PM Only

Course Syllabus: CC Year 1 Syllabus   --  CC Year 2 - Networking Syllabus   --   CC Year 2 - Programming Syllabus



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