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Request for Qualifications

Information for Architects and Engineers

The Waldo County Technical Center Cooperative Board wishes to procure architectural/engineering services to conduct feasibility and planning studies, analyzing existing facilities and site, and review programmatic and educational needs, all to identify possible options for addressing needs at the Waldo County Technical Center in Waldo Maine for the foreseeable future.

Project Description

The scopes of this project includes but is not limited to the development of best options for current and future building needs and usage, and reviewing options including renovation, new construction, and any combination thereof.  The selected firm or firms may be required to coordinate this work or additional work with other consultants contracted by the Owner.

The selected firm(s) will work closely with the Waldo County Technical Center to review options for addressing the needs of the school, as part of a long range planning effort.  The School Department may consider additional contracted services, including but not limited to preparing project presentations for Voter Approval via Referendum, design development, preparation of bid documents, and construction administration.

Submission Requirements

Interested firms should submit one electronic copy of a Letter of Interest with a Statement of Qualifications which includes the firm's response to each of the following criteria. 

  1. Qualifications to undertake this project;
  2. Documented experience with budgets, estimating, and project cost control;
  3. List of projects that demonstrate the firm's capabilities;
  4. List of recently completed work of similar type and size projects, with client contact information for each project;
  5. Organization of team and profiles of key personnel who would be involved in the project;
  6. Statement of current and projected workload and ability to absorb the project; and
  7. List of business references other than those listed above, including contact information.

The electronic copy of the Letter of Interest and Statement of Qualifications should be sent to Travis Wood at so as to be received not later than 5:00 PM on December 8th 2023.    

It is the intent of the Board to hold interviews December 20th or 21st of 2023.

Firms responding will be screened and interviewed on the basis of qualifications only.  Project fees and specific design solutions for this project will not be discussed at the interview.  Specific program information will not be available before the screening of qualification packages.  The selection committee will rank all firms and negotiate fees with the highest ranked firm.


Procurement Process

The standard procurement process of design services for public improvements is a Qualification Based Selection (QBS) process per statute, described briefly here.

  1. Interested firms respond to the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) as described below, submitting the Letter of Interest and Statement of Qualifications to the Selection Committee.
  1. The Selection Committee screens all submissions and invites the most qualified firms to interview for the project, typically three firms.
  1. The Selection Committee interviews the firms. Second interviews may be scheduled. References are checked.
  1. The Selection Committee ranks all of the interviewed firms. The Committee negotiates an agreement with the highest ranked firm based on the scope of professional services identified in the RFQ and interview.
  1. A BGS provided Architect/Engineer Agreement is drafted.
  1. The agreement must be approved by the Waldo County Technical Center Cooperative Board before work commences.

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